CD&H is one of the top hydro excavation companies in Kansas. We use state of the art equipment, and a highly trained team to complete excavation work across the state.

If your project requires precise excavation in order to navigate around existing infrastructure, utilities, or landscaping, hydro excavation could be the solution you need.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Sometimes called vacuum excavation, this process uses high-pressure water to cut through soil. A powerful vacuum then removes the loose dirt. The material is stored in a tank until it is needed to backfill the project. Technicians use hoses to navigate the terrain, creating very precise access for utility placement, posts, pipelines and more.

This method allows for excavation in areas that are inaccessible to large digging equipment, and areas that are already congested above and/or below ground.

Hydro Excavation Benefits

  • Very precise method of excavation
  • Requires less manpower than traditional techniques
  • Less invasive and virtually non-destructive 
  • Cleaner and less disruptive to hight traffic areas
  • Safer for workers and reduced risk to property damage
  • A fast process that is often less expensive than traditional excavation

In Kansas, hydro excavation is frequently used by contractors, municipalities, and utility companies to efficiently complete projects with minimal disruption. We provide this service in El Dorado, Wichita, McPherson, Topeka, Manhattan, Dodge City and throughout Kansas.

Hydro Excavation Truck