CD&H provides hydro excavation service in Tulsa, OKC and across Oklahoma.

Hydro excavation (aka vacuum excavation) utilizes high-pressure water to loosen soil. As the water breaks the soil down, a powerful vacuum concurrently removes the dirt/water mixture (slurry).

This is very precise way to excavate and area for access utility placement, posts, pipes and more. There is little to no disruption the surface. And far less disruption to people and motorists. No large excavation equipment is needed.

We employ highly trained hydro excavation teams in Oklahoma, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. If your project requires excavation that will need to navigate around underground infrastructure, utility lines, or landscaping, hydro excavation is a cost effective option.

Consider Hydro Excavation if You Require:

Hydro excavation is frequently used by construction companies, municipalities, and utility services in Oklahoma. Please get in touch for a project estimate.

Hydro Excavation Truck